Instead of ripping off our clients, we at Sharee Al Madeena maintain a professional and customer-oriented approach giving priority to their satisfaction. Our team estimates the market value of your junk car and offers the best price for scrapping it. Whether your car has totalled or damaged in an accident, we offer free pick-up service to get it removed from your premises.

Junk Cars

Old cars that have operational issues or is damaged and have not been used for quite a long time fall under this category.

Totaled Cars

Totaled cars are damaged cars whose repairing costs exceed the repairing costs of the vehicle itself and is not covered by the insurance.

Damaged Cars

When a car suffers significant damage during a road accident or a collision, it is not econimically feasible to get the car repaired. 

Non-Running Cars

Unoperational cars that may appear fine on the outside but are not in a condition to be driven are also sold for scrapping.

Flood Damaged Cars

Flood-damaged cars usually have serious impact on the car's functionality leaving no choice but to be scrapped.


We scrap SUVs and 4-wheel drive vehicles that have been damaged in an accident or are unoperational for a very long time. 


Heavy duty trucks that have been damaged are a hassle to get rid of. We provide removal services for these vehicles as well.


We also scrap pick-up vans, compact passenger buses and other commercial vans that are unoperational or damaged. 

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